Katie Howard-Cross

My journey so far...

I have 17 years of executive recruitment experience working in global corporate environments managing international teams and this year I set up 2 businesses, Suleo Coaching and Eva Connections.  I graduated with a Business Administration degree from Manchester Metropolitan University after which I went travelling for 14 months across Australia and Thailand then decided to start my career at the age of 25 in recruitment.  I progressed very well and established new divisions very successfully, winning multiple awards along the way. I had my daughter Summer at the age of 38 and my son Leo when I was 40, after having Leo I decided to leave the corporate recruitment world to focus on coaching women in their careers.  I’m NLP trained, CPCC accredited and I’m a DISC profiling administrator.

I’ve been living in Amsterdam for 9 years with my husband and 2 children and love cycling around the city, attending regular Rocycle and HIIT training workouts.


What Eva Connections means to me

Estelle and I are neighbours and hit it off immediately, we had a lot in common, 2 young children and both career driven.  We registered our separate businesses on exactly the same day and decided that since we don’t have a team anymore, we should meet regularly to have peer to peer support, ideas generation and sanity check what we're doing with each other.  We attended a number of networking events and didn’t ever feel completely fulfilled after going to them, so we got discussing how it could be different and what we would like from a networking membership, that’s when our idea of Eva Connections was born.  We’ve spent countless hours on developing the concept, refining it, brainstorming it, doing focus groups and putting on small events. Its been a challenge since we're both very busy with our own individual businesses however were truly passionate about what we're doing and really believe in the concept.  We don’t see other companies as competitors, rather collaborators.


Some fun facts to share

  • I’m half Chinese and have 4 sisters but don’t speak Chinese

  • Whilst living in Australia I had many jobs, silver service waitress which I was terrible at, market researcher, factory worker and movie extra!


If you could have a superpower what would it be?

I would love to be invisible - I’d go and stay in the top hotels and the best suites, I’d sneak on aeroplanes and sit in first class and listen in on conversations, how amazing would that be!

Before you go, lets connect!

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