Good companies invest in their employees.
Great companies invest in diversity.

At Eva Connections women gain essential skills, build valuable business connections and grow their confidence to thrive professionally. Allowing them to give your company their very best.

Open the door to retaining and attracting the best talent through access to Eva Connections expertise, inspirational educational content and community of peers and mentors.

Benefits of investing in female leadership

Time and again, research provides compelling arguments
on the benefits of diverse leadership teams.

Greater Performance
Increased engagement
Improved communication
Increased productivity
Greater innovation
Better decision making
Higher employee retention & satisfaction

What we offer our corporate partners

Tailored packages to suit your company’s needs, available for individuals or teams.

Community of professional peers

Inspirational & Educational masterclasses

Mentoring tailored to professional goals

Personal development workshops

Professional personality assessments

Insightful e-learning courses

Bespoke recruitment services

Advertising opportunities

Intelligent companies invest in their employees

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