Our Story

Having both started our own businesses in early 2018, we faced the same challenge as most new small business owners and entrepreneurs face – where do we start and more importantly who do we turn to for business advise and support?  As working mothers and friends who are in similar situations we could support each other in the ventures we are working on, but we needed more.  Soon the conversation moved to networking with others and tapping into the connections we already have. “Maybe we should network more”, go to more events, blog, vlog, tweet, share etc… Then we asked ourselves: “What comes from all of that?”

Social media aside, there are many groups and events you can join to help build your network but how practical is that really as a long term strategy in building your brand and our business?  Unless you’re lucky enough to pick the right person to stand/sit next to at such an event, you only end up with a handbag full of business cards and other people’s beautifully designed marketing collateral.

So we took matters into our own hands…

We wanted a group dedicated to supporting professional women who want to learn, network, share ideas and are looking for support or mentoring opportunities.  But, also want to truly connect and benefit from the skills and expertise of those around us.  After a lot of brainstorming, a few very interesting focus groups and some fun (and funny) research activities… Eva Connections was born.

We would love to meet you, tell you more about the community and how you can get involved.  We organise a mixture of social, fitness, health and wellness and professional events, breakfast meetings and workshops.  All our events are linked to our monthly themes and tied to special interest topics.

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