Estelle Roux-Stevens

My journey so far…

I have more than 20 years of experience in HR, having worked in the IT, Property, Banking and Consultancy sectors, with a philosophy aimed at challenging the status quo.

My goal has always centred around building diverse atmospheres where culture can thrive and flourish. Working for start-ups has been a big part of my experience. I’ve taken small teams to international levels and building diverse teams.

Understanding the importance of promoting women in business and, more importantly, technology, I helped to establish a strong female workforce in my last corporate role as Global Head of People Operations for an international cloud technology company.

I’m a determined role model and am forthcoming with the struggles of balancing a career and raising a family. In my last position, I created internal campaigns that allowed and encouraged women to share their inspiring stories about the continued struggles we face as mothers and businesswomen in managing a career and family.

Talent Acquisition is a key part of my experience, and have cultivated creative sourcing methods such as; Women who code, women-only facebook groups, targeted campaigns to female audiences, and a graduate program targeting female students. In November 2017, I was nominated for a “Woman in Tech” award, within the Diversity category.

At the start of 2018, I took a leap of faith to enter the world of “Entrepreneurship” and founded Stellar People, where I work with “Scale-ups” through growth challenges, and Stellar Amsterdam, a boutique workspace that focuses on collaboration with entrepreneurs and SMEs. This is also the home of Eva Connections where Katie and I both work from, but also provides a great space for our members to meet, connect and collaborate.

My journey is a well-travelled one. Originally from South Africa, I left home 20 years ago. Two decades ago, the dream to be a businesswoman in a man’s world seemed like an unreachable achievement.

If you ask me, I will tell you that “throwing like a girl” is the best thing.​

What Eva Connections means for me

To me, it is quite simple, as women we need something different from the business world and that is an environment in which we can grow and inspire.  We are creators by nature and if given the right environment we will always flourish. We live in a world where everything happens at a million miles an hour and everything is on demand.  There is so little time for us to really stop, take stock, enjoy our achievements and build on the lessons we’ve learnt. Katie and I started our journeys as new entrepreneurs in Amsterdam on the same day –  it was a big day for us and in some respects, I think neither of us really realised the impact that day would have on our lives. Prior to that, we were also friends of course, but from then we were also each others support structure during those highs and lows we both had soooo many of in those early starting days. Attending events and groups and networks was what we were told would help us, but most of the time it had the opposite effect. We were left just a little bit deflated. So we “bluntly speaking” took matters into our own hands – and so Eva Connections was born.

A few fun facts about me

  • I use to teach aerobics in the library in Southfields, South London in the late 90’s, yes think Jane Fonda and sexy leg warmers.

  • I am a tech geek!  If there is a new gadget on the market I need to have it… even worse if it is from the factory of Steve Jobs.

  • In 2010 I took a year out to travel the world on my own – I was the “oldest” backpacker in town but young at heart!

If you could have a superpower what would it be?

To hear peoples thoughts as they think them – a bit like that movie “What women want.”  I think it would be super cool, but maybe also a bit scary too, to know what people think before they have a chance to say it out loud.

Before you go, lets connect!

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