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We are a networking community for women and we are unique in that we take a holistic approach to the question “What do women want?”.  Us, women are all amazing in our way and also uniquely different, but we have 3 things in common and that is our continuous drive to improve; our health and wellness, our careers and our Emotional Intelligence skills (EQ).  

We created 2 core pillars incorporating our core values, which cover a range of different topics, learnings, events and more and you’ll find this within Eva Wellness and Eva Talent.

This is no ordinary community!

Being an “Eva Woman” will give you access to a unique membership called Eva Connect.  Here you will have the opportunity to meet, share ideas and experiences, share health and fitness goals, learn new skills and have fun along the way, with other like-minded women.  Once you’ve joined the community, you will have the option to join a number of interesting and carefully curated events related to our Eva Wellness and Eva Talent pillars.

The team at Eva Connections has, with a lot of love and care created these two pillars, to provide you with a range of really interesting and intimate events.  Our aim is to help women like you make meaningful connections with other women, who want to be supported by a professional network that helps each other grow their business, careers and prioritizes their health.

Grow your network!

Accelerate your business!

Have Fun doing it …  Join the Eva Connections community.

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